ADAVSO is a global leader in the certification, training, and employment of unmanned air vehicles.

  • Education & Training
  • Presentations/guest speaking
  • Syllabus and course-ware design
  • Corporate, government, and military RPA policy development
  • Unmanned system employment in civil, commercial, government, and military applications (law enforcement, border patrol, disaster response in exercises & real world scenarios, pipeline, gas lines, electricity lines and rural roads monitoring, Olympics and other large sporting events, communication relay, search and rescue, mapping, agriculture, marine monitoring- protecting fishing areas, wildlife surveillance, traffic monitoring; earth science applications- volcano monitoring, crop dusting, real estate development, city planning, hurricane monitoring, damage assessment; environmental monitoring- hazardous material incidents, oil spills; footage for TV and media; forestry; future use in cargo and passenger transportation)
  • Ratings, training, and certification of RPA operators
  • Group or individual advice
  • Incorporate into disaster response scenarios
  • Purchasing/acquisition assistance