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Empire Airlines is excited to announce our partnership with ADAVSO and Blair Farms in developing Empire Unmanned Aviation which will provide precision agriculture services.

Our partner, ADAVSO was one of the first companies in the United States to receive a commercial exemption approved by the FAA to operate commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems specifically designed for precision agriculture.

We are very excited to work together to commercially develop this technology and we of course recognize the responsibility associated with this privilege. We are grateful the FAA acknowledged our professional expertise by granting this exemption. We will be providing more information regarding the delivery of precision agricultural services from Empire Unmanned in the very near future.


Reasons you should choose Empire Unmanned

Empire Unmanned has experience where it counts.
With over 30 years in the aviation industry, Empire
Airlines is a trusted service provider. Add to that the
precision agriculture and practical UAS experience of
partner Robert Blair and you have a company that is
turning experience into leading the way.
Each pilot at Empire Unmanned has a current pilot’s
license and has completed training on our aircraft and
will ensure your flight area is covered when you need
it. Most have a military background flying UAS and
bring a level of professionalism and understanding to
your site.
Empire Unmanned partner, ADAVSO, has the first
UAS Section 333 Exemption from the Federal Avia-
tion Administration in the U.S. for agriculture. This
means your risk is minimized and you won’t have to
worry about insurance.
Empire Unmanned will deliver you the products you
need in the formats you want. There are four different
cameras to choose from with more on the way. Our
GIS specialists can work with you to ensure that our
products meet your needs.

Empire Unmanned can produce a 3D image of your field with every flight. This video takes you through the field from several different angles.

Images can provide you with a better view than traditional scouting. The changes in fields are so subtle that poorer areas are not noticed until you are in the middle of them. Also, by having the ability to examine what is taking place in the field as it grows allows you to understand what happened previously.
For example, the lighter colored spots with red arrows pointing at them in the Near Infrared image. Field conditions were not ideal during fall planting of winter wheat. Dry conditions during anhydrous fertilizing left less than ideal soil areas that did not allow for proper germination and growing. Having this knowledge allows you to make the decision the next time conditions like that take place to increase seed rates to potentially increase yields.

You work hard to ensure that you have the
best crops any given year and Empire Un-
manned can help you. Our timely, high
resolution images can provide you with the
information necessary to make better man-
agement decisions with products like the
four channel Near Infrared (NIR).

Vegetation Density

Empire Unmanned’s GIS specialists can
provide you with the product you need
when you need it. Time is money and we
will have our product to you within 48
hours. Products like a crop stand image
showing where the winter wheat is sparse
or not there at all.


Or, our GIS specialists can provide you
with a 3D map so it seems like you are in
the field. With four different camera op-
tions to choose from, Empire Unmanned
can deliver products to fit your need. We
can also do thermal imaging. Contact us
today to help you find the management
product that is right for you.

Empire Unmanned

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