States eye UAV ban In the latest backlash to the opening of the national airspace to unmanned systems Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has introduced a bill that would make it illegal for unmanned aircraft to conduct surveillance without a legal warrant. "Like other tools used to collect information in law enforcement, in order to use drones a warrant needs [...]

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Congress: Keep the UAS!   In an apparant victory for unmanned systems, the United States Congress has moved to block the USAF decision to cut the unmanned RQ-4 Block 30 aircraft siting the continued need for the long endurance intelligence system for world-wide operations through at least 2014. The Tactical Air and Land Forces subcommittee’s portion of the [...]

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UAS under 25# now approved for domestic use in public safety cases   The first victory in the battle to employ domestic UAS for non-military government and commercial uses.  The FAA announced today that they are approving unmanned systems weighing up to 25 pounds to be used by public safety agencies. Today’s step is an interim one until the FAA completes rules to allow small drones [...]

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Empire Unmanned acquires Advanced

Aviation Solutions

HAYDEN, IDAHO — Empire Holdings, Inc., today announced that one of its operating units, Empire Unmanned, LLC, has acquired Advanced Aviation Solutions (ADAVSO) of Star, Idaho. Empire Holdings is the primary owner of Empire Unmanned, LLC, and also owns 100 percent of Empire Airlines, Inc.

This acquisition combines Empire's nearly 40 years of successful air carrier operations with the strong brand and reputation ADAVSO earned as a commercial UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) operator over the past 4 years.

“The acquisition of ADAVSO gives Empire Unmanned the capability to provide an even wider range of unmanned aircraft services into a broader service area,” said Tim Komberec, President and Chief Executive Officer of Empire Airlines.

Empire Unmanned and ADAVSO are both involved in a wide array of governmental and commercial contracts including: Infrastructure inspections, fire-fighting support, mining support, agriculture analysis, engineering/survey support, university research and development/academics, defense contractor research and development, UAS consultation, environmental, forestry assessment and GIS/remote sensor development.

Empire Unmanned is currently adding California, Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska to its existing service area of Idaho, Washington, Montana, Utah and Oregon.

“I am excited by the opportunities as we enter this new phase with Empire Unmanned,” said Steve Edgar, ADAVSO’s President and CEO. “Our combined capacity to attract new customers, expand into new regions and develop new products will increase dramatically. We look forward to a very bright future.”

For more information please contact Mr. Brad Ward, President of Empire Unmanned, (509) 844-7775 or Steve Edgar, former President and CEO of ADAVSO, (208) 412-9651